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Baby Converse. Totally cute. Completely impractical.

Featured Image
A small pair of green baby Converse shoes.

Baby clothes. Possibly the most irresistible item to splurge on for your little one. But before you stock up, can I tell you how many newborn outfits and shoes I packed away, tags intact? I’ll just say too many. (Sorry I won’t write the exact number, my husband may read this blog.) Granted, we did get a lot of cute hand-me-downs for our daughter but honestly those mostly went untouched as well.

For the first few weeks of recovery and adjusting to being a new mom most of our days were spent at home or visiting family. On the occasional trip to visit my husband at work or a run to the store my little bundle of joy stayed mostly bundled in her sleeper. Even when we did go out I wanted her to stay warm and comfy so keeping her in a sleeper was way more convenient.

Yes, you should buy a pair of cute shoes and a couple of over the top outfits because it’s your first baby and nothing is cuter than a well dressed newborn, but try to remember not to go overboard. Your baby may only wear it once, if you’re lucky.