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Kids Savings Accounts

It’s a classic win-win: You watch your kids grow. They watch their money grow.

Earn every dividend


There’s no minimum required to earn quarterly dividends1

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  • 1 For Regular Savings, dividend earnings are compounded quarterly and paid on accounts with $100 or more and there is no minimum balance to earn annual percentage yield (APY) for members under age 23.
Start small


Open an account with just $5 – and watch it grow

Lifelong lesson


It’s never too early to teach kids to save

Kids Savings Accounts are set up for parents and other custodians to help their child save while limiting their access. Only adults who are designated as account custodians can make withdrawals and deposits– or even close the account. You can choose to open a regular savings accountmoney market savings account or savings certificate for a minor.

Features & Benefits

  • Name one minor and up to two custodians on an account
  • Give account control when the child turns either age 18 or 21
  • Encourage family and friends to make monetary gifts to minors
  • Set up automatic deposits
  • 1 While mobile banking is free from VACU, please be aware that your mobile service provider may charge you for data plan usage. Check your plan before you start using the service.

Teach your child to save, smartly.

It’s never too early for a kid to learn how to put money away for a future need. Our kids’ savings account helps you teach them how to save.