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5 tips if you're heading out this NYE

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A group of happy people with candles that spell out "2019."

A social gathering meant to celebrate the end of the year and your launch into the next year can be daunting for introverts and extroverts alike. How do you finagle the crowds and make sure that you have followed all social protocol and let’s not even begin to figure out what to wear. Well I have a few tips that can help you with all of your holiday worries so you can be celebrating instead of in the corner wondering if you have stayed long enough. 

  1. You don’t need a new dress just for one night out. If you’re like me you have the trusty black dress you wear for almost every formal occasion. Get creative and add a big necklace or pair it with colorful heels for a pop of color. For women, adding a shawl, or changing up your makeup and accessories can change a whole outfit so it looks different each time. For men, change out your tie by either choosing to forgo it all together or change to a bowtie.
  2. Show up. NYE parties are a great chance to network and meet people outside of the office space or just in a lighter mood without the hustle and bustle of working. You never know an opportunity may come up to add to your resume something that you have always wanted to do based off of a five minute conversation.
  3. Don’t let technology distract you. Even in the digital age it can be difficult to unplug from your phone but set it on do not disturb if you can. Only check it to make sure that the babysitter is okay but make sure that you have excused yourself first so you don’t appear to be disinterested in the party.
  4. If the party is at a home, bring a gift. Whether it’s a close friend, a neighbor or your boss, showing up to a party with a gift in hand let’s that person know you appreciate the invite and you recognize the hard work and preparation it took to provide you with a fun nigh out. It doesn’t have to be really expensive but just giving a gift is always appreciated.
  5. Have fun! Enjoy being at the event and be engaging and involved. Don’t just stand around being a wall flower. You were invited for a reason so take a night off to just have a great time.

December through January can be a busy time for most but don’t pass on the night to make a good impression while having fun meeting new people and making more memories with old friends. Happy New Year!