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Pro Shoppers Tip: Save money, abandon that shopping cart.

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A tiny shopping cart bull of cardboard boxes.

With the holiday’s right around the corner, this is the time I start thinking about that gift list, swearing that this year will be different and I will try to get done before December starts. (We’ll see how that works!)

One of best ways I save money when shopping is to abandon my shopping cart. Now, if you literally abandon your shopping cart in the store (which may have happened a time or two when my kids were young and driving me over the edge) you will definitely spend less. However, I’m talking about abandoning your online shopping cart to save money. 
When you shop online for gifts and purchases, my advice to you is to simply put the order in the shopping cart and fill out your information, but don’t complete the purchase for at least 24 hours. 

What does abandoning your cart do? 

  1. It gives you time to think about your purchase. You can keep browsing online to see if there are other options, check other sites to see if there are free shipping offers, and even re-think whether you actually want to make the purchase.
  2. It could earn you a discount. On some sites, when you leave the purchase in the online shopping cart and then walk away from it, you will begin to receive emails from the company with special offers. Sometimes the longer you leave it, the better the discount.

I recently was searching for a gift with a college football theme for a relative. I left the item in the online shopping cart. Later that day, I received an email for a 15% discount offer. The next day a reminder of the same offer. The following day it was 15% and free shipping. For this item it saved me a total of about $15.00.

While not all sites follow these abandoned cart follow ups, it’s worth seeing if the one you’re shopping with does, especially if it’s a larger item. It also gives you a little time to think about whether the item is something you really want, or if there’s something else out there just waiting for you to abandon it too!

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