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Picking Up My Groceries. What a Time to Be a Mom.

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A woman with a young child and a shopping cart in a grocery store.

What if I told you instead of hauling a toddler and a newborn into the grocery store where at any moment a diaper blowout or toddler tantrum could occur, I sit on my couch and grocery shop during nap time?

Many grocery stores have started curbside grocery pick-up service with little or no convenience fee. It's like having a free personal assistant for an hour doing the mundane tasks like comparing the ripeness of avocados and running all the way to the back of the store because you forgot something. I've given it a try at a couple stores and let me tell you: I AM A FAN. Sign me up. Where's my t-shirt? 

Not only does online grocery shopping save me time but money as well.

Here is why I love it and my wallet does too:

  • I am able to stick to a budget.

    Price comparing is a lot easier when I have a couple moments of silence at home than it is with my toddler knocking over food displays or my newborn dropping his pacifier on the dirty store floor for the umpteenth time. If I'm in the store with those two, you can assume I'm grabbing what I need and on to the next item on my list, no matter the price.

  • It’s easier to stick to my list.

    I don't have to tell my daughter no when she slips cookies into the cart and I'm not as tempted to deviate from my list. Impulse buying is a weakness of mine and a new tube of lip balm or a candy bar at the register is no longer a temptation of mine or my daughter. (Both of which she likes to eat.)

  • I’m not buying things I already have.

    Have you ever been to the grocery store and couldn't remember if you had a certain item at home so, you go ahead and buy said item only to return home and find out you had a full box of it? Well not anymore! Not when you're shopping from home! A quick scan of the pantry and you know not only what you need but also what you don't need. Buying what you don't need and having it go to waste can be a budget buster.

  • My toddler isn’t so ‘helpful.’

    My toddler has this new habit of grabbing anything in arms reach and throwing it in the cart. I’ve made it to check out lines with items I didn’t want thanks to her “helping” me shop. Now she sits in her car seat while the groceries are being loaded into the car. Problem solved.  

All in all, it is brilliant. It is beautiful. It has saved me time, money and sanity. If I never have to set foot in a grocery store ever again with two babies in tow then that, my friend, is a mommy fairytale come true!