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I’m young and healthy. Do I need a will?

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A young couple looking over documents at a dining room table.

I’m young and healthy. Do I really need a will?

Yes, you do.

Death is an unpleasant subject that most of us try our best to avoid thinking about. But here’s a news flash: That doesn’t make it any less inevitable.

One of the most important things you can do for your family is make sure you have gone to the trouble of completing a will.

After someone dies, there are dozens and dozens of tasks to attend to. It’s unpleasant and confusing and anxiety-producing. You can make it a little easier on your loved ones by making a plan and writing down your wishes.

A professionally drafted, up-to-date document that spells out your wishes regarding any property, financial accounts or other things you own will simplify significantly the steps your family must take after you’re gone. The will can also spell out your wishes regarding burial, cremation or other funeral arrangements so there can be no confusion or debate about those matters among your survivors.

In an odd way, a will lets you get the final word.

And the process your heirs will have to go through to claim ownership of your property will be A LOT more difficult if you pass away before you get around to it.

A will doesn’t need to be complicated. It doesn’t require you to inventory every single thing you own. It doesn’t need to take hours and hours for you to write. It just needs to be done, and having an attorney to make sure you do it right is essential. Your family will thank you for it.

Don’t put it off. Don’t assume your wishes are known. Don’t assume you have years ahead to get to it. In the best possible circumstance, a will is completed when you are healthy and not anxious about the future.