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I’ll never eat another granola bar and my shopper’s club is to blame

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A granola bar in a wrapper.

Wholesale stores are the way to go when it comes to finding great prices. If you carefully compare the price-per-unit you’ll find it can save you a lot in the long run. Although the savings are great and the churros are to die for, I’m not going shopping there for everything. Here’s why.

I tend to over use the items I purchase. For example, if I only have one roll of paper towels in the pantry, I’ll use a dish towel for a spill hoping that roll will hold me over until the next trip to the store. However, if I know my pantry is overflowing, I may reach for the paper towels a little too readily. Am I really saving money if I use more of the products I buy? (Not to mention the environmental impact, yikes!)

The second reason is simply that I like variety. I can’t tell you how much I once loved honey oat granola bars. They were my go-to snack and I always had one in my purse (usually halfway crumbled making a mess) at any given time. That is, until I bought an industrial sized box of them at the discount warehouse. I am so sick of them now and we STILL have half of a box left.

Lastly, while I feel a sense of accomplishment after a trip to the shopper’s club, I generally end up making a trip to my regular grocery store anyway. I use honey occasionally, but not enough to warrant a $26 giant bottle. Therefore I find myself on another trip to the grocery store to spend more money on the items I didn’t need in bulk.

Before I make a run to the wholesale warehouse, I always make a list and stick to it. There are a lot of temptations there and sometimes you just don’t need a year’s supply of fudge popsicles. Just kidding, who doesn’t need a year’s supply of fudge popsicles?