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How to Avoid Fees

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Here are some ways to avoid or minimize paying fees.

Avoid overdraft fees

  • Immediately subtract in your check register any checks, debit card or electronic deductions and other withdrawals.
  • Use Online Banking, Mobile Banking or QuikLine Phone Banking to keep tabs on your account. In Online Banking, sign up for balance alerts to your email or mobile phone.
  • Balance your checking register regularly. Use our balancing form or calculator (Excel).
  • Sign up for Overdraft Protection from savings or a line of credit. A $5 overdraft transfer fee is much less than an overdraft or NSF fee.
  • Be aware of holds for pending debit card transactions. If you use a debit card, stay alert to pending transactions which reduce your available balance. See more information

Avoid ATM fees

  • Use fee-free ATMs at VACU and all Wawa® and Sheetz® stores in Virginia.
  • Get cash back at the store when you use your debit card and PIN for purchases.
  • Pay with your debit card to reduce the need for cash.
  • Avoid a lot of small withdrawals–get more cash per trip to an ATM.

Remember, at non-VACU ATMs you get up to 4 checking withdrawals per month free of VACU network ATM fees. While other ATM owners may add a surcharge, you can enjoy ATM fee rebates with qualifying checking activity.

Avoid overdraft transfer fees

These are fees for overdraft transfers from savings or a line of credit (if you have signed up for Overdraft Protection).

  • Use Online Banking, Mobile Banking or QuikLine Phone Banking to keep tabs on your accounts and to make your own transfers.
  • Authorize direct deposits to go to checking instead of savings.
  • Adjust checking and savings payroll deductions to reflect your normal spending habits.

Avoid savings account fees

  • Limit cash or official check withdrawals to 2 per month to avoid excessive withdrawal fees.
  • To avoid a fee for an official check when you need a check from savings, transfer the funds to your VACU checking account and write your own check. Or request a check through Quikline Phone Banking, where there is no official check fee.
  • Maintain a regular savings account balance of at least $100 or use other VACU services to avoid a savings-only fee for a savings account opened more than 1 year (members under 23 excluded).

Avoid late fees

Avoid inactivity fees

An inactivity fee applies monthly to accounts of members age 23 or older that have no activity for more than one year, no loan or credit card and balances under $100.

Avoid this fee by doing any of the following:

Please contact us if you have questions or we can help you in any way.