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When was the last time you got a quote on your insurance?

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A young woman on the phone.

I cannot remember the number of times I’ve introduced our representative from Virginia CU Insurance Services at our Home Buyers workshop. I encouraged our members to consider getting a quote to possibly reduce their insurance cost. After just about every introduction, I would mention to our representative that I really needed to ‘practice what I preach’ and get a quote for myself but… I was just too busy.

Just like most people these days, I am very busy. Between work and my other responsibilities sometimes I feel I need to schedule some down time to just chill. Since we are almost halfway thru the year, I decided to review my financial goals that I set in January. There it was screaming at me and jumping off the pages:  “get a quote for your homeowners and car insurance to see if you can save some money.” I had forgotten that I actually made that one of my financial goals!

The next day I met with our representative and before the end of the day he provided me with a quote that was 37% less expensive than what I was currently paying. I responded “okay this is too good to be true so what is the catch?” He shared with me that most people are so busy that they never take the time to shop around and they end up paying more over the long term for homeowners and auto insurance.

I learned a valuable lesson! I never need to be so busy that I don’t take time to save money!

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