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Economics and Personal Finance: Resources for Students

We’ve created this series of short videos to help you learn about Economics and Personal Finance for your SOLs! Each video will focus on one part of your financial health: banks and credit unions, accounts, loans, digital banking, and debt. 

As you watch, you can follow along with the worksheet linked under each video.

Introduction: All About Banking and Finance

How do banks affect your finances? What’s the difference between a bank and a credit union?


 All About Banking and Finance Worksheet


Part 1: All About Accounts

Which accounts help you save? Which accounts can make you even more money?


 All About Accounts Worksheet

Part 2: All About Loans

What do you need loans for? What do you need to know when applying for a loan?


 All About Loans Worksheet


Part 3: All About Digital Banking

How can you control your finances electronically? What can you do to keep your money secure online?


 All About Digital Banking Worksheet

Part 4: All About Debt

Nobody likes debt, but how do you manage it, pay it down, and get out from under it?


 All About Debt Worksheet


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