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Mortgage Servicing

Throughout the life of your mortgage, you will be making payments each month to the company that services your mortgage.

Responsibilities of a mortgage servicer

  • Collect and process your monthly mortgage payments.  
  • Pay your property tax and homeowners insurance from your escrow account.  
  • Send you mortgage statements that detail what portions of your mortgage payments were applied to principal, interest, taxes and insurance.  
  • Notify you of any adjustments in your escrow payments to cover taxes and insurance in the coming year.

Ongoing local service at your credit union

For most new mortgages Virginia Credit Union makes, you do not have to send your payments somewhere else. Your mortgage servicing is done right here through the credit union.

That means our service doesn’t stop after your loan closing. You’ll call us for any questions you have and you’ll receive personal service over the life of your loan. We're here in Virginia, ready to help you.