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VACU Voice ID is a telephone security enhancement that will make identifying you easier, quicker and more secure when you call Member Services.

Just as everyone has their own unique fingerprint, each person’s voice is unique too. By measuring 140 unique characteristics of a voice, a digital ‘print’ can be used to verify a member’s identity without requiring a list of security questions.



What is VACU Voice ID?

Just like everyone has their own unique fingerprint, everyone's voice is unique too. With VACU Voice ID, we can capture the way members speak to identify and verify them on the phone. This feature is a great way to protect your account and ensure that no one can call in and access your accounts by pretending to be you.

Why do we use VACU Voice ID?

We already have a lot of security measures in place, but they involve a list of security questions, and require a lot of time and very specific answers from our members which can cause frustration. This technology makes verifying your identity faster and even more secure for members, as well as VACU employees.

How do I enroll?

When you call into our contact center, a member service representative will enroll you in the service. We only need a few seconds of your recorded voice to set up the service.

Does it cost to enroll in VACU Voice ID?

No, VACU Voice ID is a completely free service to members provided by your credit union.

How does VACU Voice ID work?

When you speak, VACU Voice ID measures how you use your lips, mouth, vocal tract and diaphragm - as well as behavioral things like speed of speech, pronunciation and accents. It takes about 140 different performance measurements that, together, are totally unique to you. It does all this in a matter of seconds, and lets us know that it's you talking. We don't take an actual recording of your voice - instead, we take a digital 'print' of what's going on when you speak, and we attach that 'print' to your Member Number, so it's there whenever you call us.

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