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Enhanced Authentication

Enhanced authentication helps safeguard your online banking sessions by using multiple levels of security when you log in. It ensures that you’re the only one logging in to your accounts.

Get started using enhanced authentication:

  • Log in to online banking.
  • Select the phone number where you'd like to receive your authentication code: we’ll send it to you through a call or text. (We’re no longer using a security phrase and image, so don’t worry about them.)
  • Input the code you receive, set up your challenge questions, and then we’ll give you access to your accounts. We’ll be sure to save whichever device you’ve logged in from, so you won’t have to authenticate from that device again. If you log in from a new or unrecognized device (phone, tablet, or computer) or a different physical location, you'll be prompted to enter a code again.

Enhanced Authentication FAQs

What is enhanced authentication?

Enhanced authentication uses multiple factors to validate your identity when you log in to online banking. When you first enroll, we’ll send a code to your mobile phone—through a text or a phone call—to give you access to your online banking accounts. Once you’ve successfully authenticated your identity, we’ll whitelist the device you’re using, so you don’t need a special code every time you log in from that device. If you use a different computer, tablet, or phone to log in, we’ll send you another code to verify your identity.

What happens if someone compromises my online banking User ID or password? How will enhanced authentication prevent them from accessing my credit union accounts with online banking?

If someone else tries to log in to your online banking account from their computer or phone, we’ll send your phone a notification. They won’t be able to log in without the code we’ve sent you, and you can contact our fraud and online security department directly.

I tried to log in to online banking from my own computer, but I’m being asked to input the code. Why is this happening?

This might happen if you deleted cookies from your browser, have updated your browser, or are using a new browser.

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