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Member Number & Account Number

What's the Difference?

Member Number

This is used to identify your overall relationship with the credit union. It is given to you when you join the credit union and can be found at the top of your periodic statement.

When to use your member number

  • When contacting or visiting us to conduct business or get assistance more quickly. It helps us identify your overall member relationship and view your accounts. When calling QuikLine Phone Banking and identifying yourself at the beginning of the call.
  • When conducting business at Credit Union Service Centers (shared branches). It will allow them to view your VACU accounts. To conduct business on a custodial account, custodians will need to provide their own member or customer number, rather than the minor's member number.

Account Number

This identifies a specific account such as a savings, checking or loan account. It is assigned as each account is opened. The account number appears in the body of your periodic statement with the account balance and activity.

When to use your account number

  • When setting up a direct deposit or automatic deduction for your checking or savings account. (NOTE: Be sure to use the 10-digit account number for direct deposit and other ACH transactions.)
  • When mailing in a deposit or loan payment or using a night depository. Include the account number and account type (checking, savings, loan, etc.), or use a deposit ticket or coupon.
  • When using online banking for account information or to make transactions.
  • When accessing your accounts within QuikLine Phone Banking if you have multiple checking, savings, certificate or loan accounts.

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