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There’s no need to wait in line. Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit and save time.

How direct deposit works

Direct deposit is the electronic transfer of payments from your employer or other payer to your Virginia Credit Union checking or savings account. Funds are transferred through the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

Examples of payments that can be deposited

  • Your pay from any employer who offers direct deposit
  • Social security, retirement benefits and payments from federal or state government agencies
  • Tax refunds
  • Investment income or any other payments sent electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Direct deposit benefits

  • Convenient
  • Safe
  • Reliable

How to sign up for direct deposit

Your payroll office or another payer will ask you to complete a form to authorize the direct deposit and give instructions about where to send your payments. Here is the information you will need about Virginia Credit Union:

Virginia Credit Union
P.O. Box 90010
Richmond, VA 23225-9010
804-323-6800 or 800-285-6609

VACU's bank routing/transit (ABA) #: 2 5 1 0 8 2 6 1 5

Your checking or savings account # : _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _  _

Note: You must use your specific checking or savings account number, which can be found on your account statement, rather than your member number.

  • For a direct deposit to checking, use your 10-digit checking account number.
    A close up of the numbers on a check.
  • For a direct deposit to savings, please contact Member Services for the correct savings account format.

You may print and complete the appropriate direct deposit form and send it to your payroll office or other payer. If your direct deposit will go to your checking account, they may want a voided check as well. Your payroll office or other payer may ask for additional information.

Contact us for help with direct deposit, or to request a direct deposit form by mail. Tell us who the payer will be so we can send you the correct form. For government payments, please contact the paying agency directly to authorize the direct deposit?

Tax Refund Direct Deposit

If you expect a refund when you file your federal and state income taxes, it's easy for you to directly deposit these funds into your credit union checking or savings account.

Direct deposit is safer, easier and you get the money faster than having a check sent by postal mail.

To direct deposit your refund, go to the refund portion of your tax return:

  • Enter Virginia Credit Union’s Bank Routing Number: 251082615
  • Select the account type: checking or savings
  • Enter your checking or savings VACU account number (not your member number)
    • For a deposit to checking, use the account number at the bottom center of your personal checks, including any leading zeros.
      A close up of the numbers on a check.
    • For a deposit to savings, please contact Member Services at 804-323-6800 for the correct account format.

Please note: Failure to use the correct account information for direct deposit may delay or prevent the deposit of your refund.

Tip: Using IRS Form 8888 - Direct Deposit of Refund allows taxpayers to deposit their refund into as many as three different accounts for both paper and electronically filed tax returns.



Can I set up my direct deposit to put money in more than one share account?

You can if your employer allows that option. Check with your payroll office to find out if it is available.

If your employer does not offer that option, you can sign up for our automatic transfer program to make regular distributions to your various credit union accounts and loans.

What information does my employer need to begin direct deposit?

Your employer will need an authorization form directing them where to deposit the money, including the credit union's routing number (251082615) and your account number.

For new direct deposits, the preferred format is a 10-digit number. If you have a 12-digit account number, it can be converted to a 10-digit number by removing the first two zeros.

Some direct deposit forms are listed on our website. Please check with your employer to obtain the appropriate form. They may also require a voided check if your deposit will go into your checking account.

I currently have a 12-digit account number (ex: 000000022204). Will that still work?

A 10-digit account number is the preferred format, but your 12-digit account number still works. (Your 12-digit number can be converted to a 10-digit number by removing the first two zeros.)

What is Virginia Credit Union's routing number?

VACU's routing number is: 251082615

How soon after I sign up will direct deposit take effect?

This depends on the processing time required by your employer or payer. Check with them to learn what to expect. Some payments may take up to 60 days to begin.

For Social Security payments, direct deposit could start within 30 days if you sign up with us through the QuickStart program. Complete the QuickStart Application and return it to us.

How will I know when my direct deposit has begun?

If you are receiving direct deposit of your pay, your employer will give you a direct deposit advice with your pay stub rather than a paycheck. You can use our 24-hour QuikLine Phone Banking or Online Banking to verify receipt of your deposit. Your deposit will also appear on your monthly credit union statement.

How do I change my direct deposit from another bank to the credit union?

Check with the payer to find out the easiest way to do this. Or you can print and complete the appropriate direct deposit form available on our website. Check with your employer to find out what form(s) are required.

Send it to your payroll office or the company or organization that makes the deposit. It may take several pay periods, depending on the payer.

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