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Credit Card FAQs

What if my VACU credit card is lost or stolen?

Call Cardholder Services toll-free 24-hours a day at 866-820-3947.

What type of credit card security alerts do you offer?

There are a few ways you will be notified if suspicious activity is detected on your VACU credit card. You will receive a call from a representative or an automated system about questionable transactions to your phone number in our records. You can also enroll to receive and respond to alerts by text message. For more information about these alerts, please visit our Credit Card Security Alerts.

How do I make my credit card payment?

You can mail a check, call Member Services at 804-323-6800 or 800-285-6609, pay at a branch, pay in online banking, or set up an automatic payment from your checking account.

What is the mailing address for my credit card payment?

Mail credit card payments to: Mastercard, P.O. Box 71050 Charlotte, NC 28272-1050

Can I request an additional credit card for my account?

Yes, you can request additional cards for the same account. You will be responsible for the charges made with additional cards.

What are my responsibilities as a joint applicant?

You agree to repay balances on the account.

How do I remove a joint applicant from my credit card?

We cannot remove a joint applicant from a credit card account, but you can close the account and apply for a new credit card in just your name. You are still responsible for paying any outstanding balance on the closed card.

When is a late fee assessed?

When the minimum payment is not made on or before the due date, a fee may be assessed.

How do I request a credit limit increase?

You can request a credit limit increase in online banking, visit a branch, or call Member Services at 804-323-6800.

Cash Rewards Mastercard® FAQs

How much cash can I get back by using my Cash Rewards Mastercard?

Effective 10/1/12 you automatically receive a 1% rebate on all net purchases. There is no limit on the amount you can earn from the 1% rebate. Net purchases are qualifying purchases less credits, returns, and adjustments charged to your card. You also earn additional bonus rebates on the first $3,000 of qualifying net purchases in each of these three categories annually when processed by an eligible participating merchant: (a) grocery and (b) restaurant merchants - 1% bonus for a 2% total rebate; and (c) gas merchants - 2% bonus for a 3% total rebate. For each category, any net purchase in excess of $3,000 will earn the standard 1% rebate.

How purchases are identified for bonus rebates: Eligibility of a purchase for a special offer rebate is based on the Merchant Category Code (MCC) associated with the merchant where the purchase was made. (A Merchant Category Code is a standard code assigned by the bankcard industry to classify individual merchants into market segments based on their primary line of business.) Eligible merchants and associated MCCs used for the bonus rebates are as follows: (1) Grocery merchants: MCC 5411, 5422, 5441, 5451, 5462, 5499; (2) Restaurant merchants: MCC 5812, 5813, 5814; (3) Gas merchants: MCC 5172, 5541, 5542. Purchases made at merchants that do not process under these codes will not qualify for a bonus rebate but you will still earn a 1% rebate. VACU does not have any control over which MCC codes individual merchants use. 

How do I redeem my cash rewards?

You can redeem your cash rewards any time you want as a statement credit or as a deposit to a VACU account using the Manage Cards feature in online banking or the VACU Cards app. If you are not signed up for online banking, you can call our contact center or visit a branch to request your Cash Rewards.

Are balance transfers and cash advances included in “net purchases” that earn Cash Rewards Mastercard rebates?

Rebates are not paid on balance transfers, cash advances, fees, interest charges, unauthorized or fraudulent transactions, and certain other types of charges.

What else do I need to know about Cash Rewards Mastercard rebates?

Rebates are not paid if an account is not in good standing, or if the account is closed prior to the rebate posting date.

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