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Savings Certificate FAQs

How do I open a savings certificate?

If you’re already a member, you can open a new certificate through online banking. If you’re not a member yet, open an account today!

What is the minimum amount to open a savings certificate?

You’ll need a minimum opening deposit of $500.

Are there fees to withdraw from my certificate before it matures?

If you withdraw early, we may impose a penalty on your earnings. Fees may reduce earnings on your account. For more information, contact us.

Can I make a deposit into my existing savings certificate before maturity?

For our 6- and 12-month certificates, VACU allows you to deposit additional funds, as long as you specify this when you open the certificate. This add-on may affect your rate, and is not available for other certificate terms.

Where can I find the maturity date for my savings certificate?

You can find all of the details of your certificate on your statement, or by logging in to online banking.

What happens when my savings certificate matures?

When your savings certificate matures, it will automatically renew for a term of the same or similar length. You will have 10 calendar days to make any deposits, penalty-free withdrawals, or other changes to your certificate.

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