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Bill Pay

By using our free Bill Pay service within Online Banking, you can pay bills online at your convenience. The transactions that you set up are under your control. You select the date by which you want your payment delivered.

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Bill Pay benefits

  • It saves you postage. Save over $50 a year if you pay 10 bills a month.
  • Use it as often as you like. There’s no limit on the number of bills you pay for free.
  • It's easy. Setting up and paying bills online is simple and fast. Funds come directly from your checking account.
  • It's convenient. Choose payment frequency options: one-time, monthly, weekly, quarterly, and more.
  • It’s safe. Paying bills online is safer than mailing personal checks.
Bill Pay made easy.

How Bill Pay works

  • Set up your personal list of merchants and other payees with the account numbers and addresses you have with each merchant (you’ll need copies of your current bills to do this)
  • When you're ready, schedule a one-time or recurring payment to come from your VACU checking account
  • You can add new payees or make changes to your payees when needed
  • You can also enroll in eBills to view your bills from participating companies

Bill Pay uses one of two methods to pay your bills:

  • Electronic payments to merchants on the electronic network
  • Paper payments to merchants who do not yet accept electronic payments

Need to make an emergency payment? In addition to our free bill pay services, an expedited payment option is available. The fee for this special service is $9.95 per payment.

How to sign up for Bill Pay

You must have Online Banking to use Bill Pay.

Enroll In Online Banking

Once you've logged on to Online Banking, click on the "Pay Bills" tab. Follow the few easy steps to add payees and start using Bill Pay.

Please contact us if you have questions or we can help you in any way.