Make your move!

Making the switch to a checking account at your credit union is as easy as 1-2-3.


Open your checking account.

With a wide range of checking options, you'll get more for your money at VACU. Get started at a branch or compare our account options. Not a member yet? Join now!


Switch automatic deposits and deductions.

  • Print and complete your deposit form and send it to the correct party.
  • Print and complete the automatic deduction form to notify companies drafting your account or notify them through a secure form on their website.

Close your old account.

Print and complete the account closing form after you verify all items have cleared and any direct deposits and deductions are going to your new account. Keep your records.


Let's get started!

Download a Switch Kit to get copies of everything listed above and to get started making the move!


Keep making moves.

Opening your checking account is just the first step. Find other VACU products and services to help you take control of your finances.