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  • Build your dream home with a construction loan.

    Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’ve got the land already, our construction loan will help you make it real.

construction loans

Here’s your chance to build the home you’ve always wanted, whether you’ve already got the land or you’re just starting out. With our construction loans, you can start building your dream home in 5 simple steps.

  • 1. Apply

    Our experts will walk you through the process. We can help you get pre-approved and apply for your loan!

  • 2. Finalize

    Before we can close the loan, we’ll need you to finalize your plans and specs with your builder. Then we’ll create a “draw schedule,” which will pay the builder from your loan.

  • 3. Close

    Once we’ve approved your loan, you’ll sign your documents and pay your closing costs and any down payment.

  • 4. Build

    Once you’ve closed, your builder can get started! We’ve partnered with Built, an online accounting platform, to help pay your builder more easily from the loan.

  • 5. Refinance

    Once your home’s almost finished, your mortgage loan officer will help you refinance your construction loan to a permanent mortgage.

Here’s what to keep in mind before you apply:


 The minimum loan amount is $50,000. ​​​

 We offer fixed-rate 6, 9, or 12-month construction term options.

 You’ll need a credit score of 740 or higher.

 The loan can include the purchase of the land/lot or paying off an existing lien on the land/lot.

 Once the builder has finished, you’ll need to either refinance the loan as a conventional mortgage or pay the loan off in full. ​​​​​

Start building your dream home

Break ground on your next adventure with the help of a construction loan.