Personal Loans

Looking for a fast way to get the money you need? We got you! Our low-rate personal loans are an affordable way to get the cash you need now, and make payments over time. Our application process is fast and easy and you may be able to get the money in your account the same day.

  • Consolidate bills from other lenders
  • Make home repairs
  • Get new appliances or furniture
  • Pay for uncovered medical or dental expenses


Effective Date: May 24, 2019

Product APR* as low as
Personal Loan 9.49% 1
Share Secured Personal Loan 6.00% 2
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Share Secured Loans

You could get a great personal loan rate simply by using your credit union savings as collateral. Pledge funds in regular savings, premium money market savings, premium plus money market savings or a savings certificate and pay less interest.

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One rate. One payment. Consolidate with a personal loan.

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