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Safe Travel Tips

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Hand luggage at the airport

Be safe and have a good time when you travel.  Here are a few simple preparations to include in your planning.

  • Let us know before you go. Notify your financial institutions if you’ll be using your debit and credit cards while traveling out of area or the country.
  • Clean out your wallet. Remove unnecessary items with personal information, such as social security number. 
  • Carry multiple forms of payment. We recommend using your credit card for hotels and travel expenses instead of a debit card, since a credit card is not linked to your checking account.
  • Protect your wallet and money. Consider using a money belt and carrying your cash and cards in a few different places always under your control.
  • Use mobile banking. It’s an easy way to keep tabs on your account and make transfers with your smartphone. 

Call Member Services if we can assist you when you are preparing to travel.