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Contactless Payment

No waiting, no touching the terminal, and all payments are secure. Contactless payment in three easy steps:

look icon

1. Look

Look for the contactless symbol at your checkout line.

tap icon

2. Tap

Just tap your card on the checkout terminal.

go icon

3. Go

That’s it. The terminal will process your payment in seconds.


How does contactless payment work?

It’s easy. Check to see if your retailer’s register or terminal has the contactless payment symbol, then simply tap your card to the terminal. No touching, no buttons, and no fuss. And it’s every bit as secure as using a chip or a magnetic stripe.

How safe are contactless transactions?

Just as safe as inserting a chip card. It’s protected by a one-time-use code that changes each time you use it. Plus, every transaction made on your Mastercard has Zero Liability protection?, so you’re not liable for unauthorized purchases.

How do I know if the merchant accepts contactless payment?

Just look for the universal contactless symbol at checkout or ask the cashier if you can pay by tapping. If they don’t offer contactless yet, you can use this card normally at any merchant that accepts Mastercard.

How will purchases appear on my monthly statement?

They will appear on your statement just like any other purchase.

Will VACU offer the option to not have a contactless card?

No, all VACU credit and debit cards will be contactless going forward, but you can still swipe or insert your card as well.

When will I receive my contactless card?

Cards will be coming soon. We’ll let you know before your new card arrives.

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