Who Can Join

Membership is open to a wide variety of individuals and groups.

  1. Full-time and part-time employees and retirees of any of the following:
    • Commonwealth of Virginia – any state agency or department
    • Any county, city, town or other political subdivision in Virginia
    • Any public school system in Virginia
    • Any Virginia state-funded college or university, Randolph-Macon College, University of Richmond, or Virginia Union University
    • Approved companies, groups and organizations.
    • Approved contractors and vendors of Virginia Credit Union – call (804) 323-6800 or (800) 285-6609 to learn more
  2. Individuals who live, work, worship, volunteer or attend school within the boundaries of:
    • City of Richmond, Petersburg, Hopewell, or Fredericksburg
    • Buckingham, Cumberland County, Nottoway or Prince Edward County, including town of Farmville
  3. Full-time and part-time college students currently enrolled at:
    • Any Virginia state-funded college or university
    • Randolph-Macon College, University of Richmond, or Virginia Union University
  4. Members of eligible associations listed here.
  5. Immediate family, plus household members, of all the eligible individuals listed above. Immediate family includes parents, grandparents, spouses, brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren, regardless of where they live.
  6. Corporations, partnerships, organizations, and associationscomposed of any of the above eligible individuals can also join.
  7. Another way to become eligible for Virginia Credit Union –Learn about Virginia ACTE.

Please contact Member Services at (804) 323-6800 or (800) 285-6609 if we can help you in any way.

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