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A Message from your VACU President

Chris Shockley CEO/President
Chris Shockley - CEO/President

It happens to nearly all of us. After a certain age, the eye doctor says that we need progressive lenses.  (My teammates here at the credit union remind me these are also called my bifocals!) This is so we can see our best: What is right in front of us, and also what is far away.

We have just started a new year, and by simply turning the page on this new calendar, we are reminded of the importance of vision. When we visit the eye doctor, he or she works at getting us to perfect vision: 20/20.

Organizations need good vision. They need to be able to see what is right in front of them, but also to look out into the future and anticipate what’s still 
far away.

Your credit union is fortunate to have visionary leaders among its membership. Your Board of Directors are fellow members who put in significant hours helping Virginia Credit Union focus on the future without losing sight of what is right in front of us. At the upcoming Annual Meeting, we will elect new members to the Board and also thank others who have served our organization for many years.

When I’m out in the community, I hear frequently from members who tell me how they came to join VACU, who it was that recommended the credit union to them, and what they’ve been able to achieve financially as a result of their membership. 

I heard stories like that when VACU members and employees volunteered to paint, clean and build together at Woodville Elementary School in November. These community projects, where employees and members work side-by-side to make the community better, are a perfect illustration of the credit union philosophy of people helping people. 

I hope you will volunteer with us for future community projects. I hope you’ll recommend your credit union to your friends and neighbors. I hope you’ll continue to call on us to be your trusted source of financial solutions for you and your family. 

I hope that you will enjoy a healthy and successful 2020.

Media Contact: Glenn Birch | | (804) 560-5664