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Online Banking FAQs



How do I enroll in Online Banking?

Members can go use the Enroll link in the Online Banking Logon box on our home page (under the VACU logo). Complete the requested information successfully and you have immediate access to your account information within Online Banking. You can activate Bill Pay and eStatements once you have logged in.

Once I enroll, how do I log on to Online Banking?

Go to the Online Banking Logon box on our home page (under the VACU logo), enter your User ID in the field, then click the “Go” button. You will be taken to a screen that shows your Enhanced Authentication image and phrase. If they are correct, enter your password and click the “Sign In” button.

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your Password by using the “Forgot Password” feature under the logon box on vacu.org or on the password screen.

Step 1: Enter the requested information and click the 'Submit' button

Step 2: If we are able to validate your request, you will be prompted to enter and confirm a new Password. Once your Password has been changed, you will receive immediate access to your online accounts.

I’ve been locked out of Online Banking. Why did that happen and how do I get back in?

If you have entered your Online Banking Password incorrectly five times in a row, the system will automatically lock you out. This is a security feature that helps protect your account from unauthorized entry. You will need to call Member Services.

What types of transfers can I make?

Immediate — the transfer is attempted immediately Future-Dated (One Time) — transfer is made on the date you specify Recurring — transfer occurs at your specified frequency as many times as you indicate

How do I know if a transfer is successful?

If the transfer was successful, you will see a screen message that your transfer was successful and the transfer will appear in the Transfer Activity listing. Your account balances will also reflect the changes. You will receive a confirmation number with each transfer.

I’m a new member or I just recently added an account, why can’t I transfer to my account(s)?

New accounts will be in “view-only” mode until validated by VACU. This process usually takes 1-2 business days.

Will I be able to download information to Microsoft Money or Quicken?

Yes, you will. You will see the download links on the Account Activity page. You also have the option of downloading your information into an Excel spreadsheet.

Can I make payments to my VACU loans?

Yes, you may transfer funds from your VACU checking and savings accounts to your VACU loan accounts. In addition, you will be able to make additional principal-only payments for many types of loans.

Who should I contact if I need help?

Please contact Member Services at (804) 323-6800 or (800) 285-6609.

How can I increase my security while banking online?

We do everything possible to provide secure transactions. Here are several ways you can help:

  • Keep your password confidential
  • Change your password often, at least every 180 days
  • Keep your browser software up-to-date
  • Use virus protection on your computer and update it frequently
  • Don’t leave your computer unattended while logged into Online Banking

Additional information about online security is available in our Security Center.

Are there additional information security measures in place?

VACU uses the latest Internet security technology and techniques to help ensure that your information is as secure as possible. These techniques include user authentication, data encryption, and the use of secure servers. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol is used to encrypt sensitive data prior to transmission over the Internet.

Which web browsers work best with the new system?

Online Banking works best with Firefox 3.5 and above, Internet Explorer 7 and above, and Safari 5.0 and above.