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Worried About Late Payments?

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If you are concerned about being able to pay bills on time, it’s best to contact your creditors before they contact you. Most creditors will try to work with customers to help them get back on track.

How to ease the damage of a late payment:

  • Contact your creditor early: if you know you’re going to have trouble making a payment on time, get in touch well before the payment’s due. You might be able to work out a different sort of payment. If we’re your creditor, call us
  • Depending on your situation, you can talk with your creditor about adding a code to your credit report indicating that you were “affected by a natural or declared disaster.” FICO® won’t consider the code when making its assessment, but VantageScore® will disregard late payments with that code.
  • Remember, you’re responsible for asking your creditor for any kind of hardship plan. Act quickly to save yourself from damage to your credit score! Learn more about your credit score and how to access your credit report

If you have a VACU loan or credit card and you are having difficulty making a payment, don’t wait. Call us so we can talk with you about your situation and suggest possible solutions to help you.