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10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel New

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A woman painting her house

You’ve been living in your home for a few years, and your space is feeling … uninspired. The “new” of your space has worn off, and you’ve found yourself casually searching on home-buying sites with the idea that something better is out there.

Before you decide to move, breathe new life into your house! By making small changes, you’ll be surprised how your space changes and morphs into a space that fits your current stage of life.

1. Paint. A little paint goes a long way, and just switching up the color in your home can change the entire vibe of your space. But did you know there’s a complete science behind choosing colors in your home? When picking your colors, consult the experts online to see why some colors work better in some places.

2. Replace lighting fixtures. Lighting plays a big part in the comfort of the home, and it might be something you haven’t even considered. Replace your builder-grade lighting fixtures with something that you enjoy looking at. Use soft-glow light bulbs to give your space a warmer feeling. You’ll be surprised how different a room feels with warmer, more inviting lighting.

3. Replace knobs and door handles. It’s all about the details; even something as small as changing doorknobs and handles can make a huge difference in your home. Opt for matte black finishings to bring your house into the present.

4. Rearrange furniture, artwork, and rugs. Rearrange your existing furniture and make a change within your home for no cost! Try repositioning your couch and TV for a whole new outlook when you cozy up for the evening. Or place your bed against a wall to wake up to a different view. Try shifting the rugs around in your home, and you’ll be surprised how big of a difference it makes.

5. Print, frame, and hang pictures. If you’re anything like the rest of us, your camera roll is filled with images of good times, most that won’t see outside your phone. Take the time to print out your favorite memories and frame them around your home. Along with a friendly reminder of great times, it’ll make your space feel even more like home. Reinvigorate your existing pictures or try new, more modern frames.

6. Replace curtains. There’s nothing better than natural light in a home. Frame that wonderful sunlight with new curtains. Reference sites like Pinterest for tips and tricks for hanging and selecting materials. An industry trick, for example, is hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling, instantly making a room feel larger.

7. Repurpose rooms. We all have that one room that ends up being the catch-all for pretty much everything. Take a weekend to sort through the clutter and give that room a new purpose. Maybe you’ve been looking for a space to start your side hustle, and your solution could be right in your home!

8. Declutter. When was the last time you sorted through your things? Take a note from Marie Kondo and tidy your space. Explore different storage solutions and donate items you don't use anymore.  Your trash might be someone else’s treasure. If your clutter includes piles of financial paperwork, here’s a quick video to learn how to organize your finances.

9. Renovate it. There are thousands of projects on Pinterest that can help your house feel inspired. The options are limitless, from a complete overhaul (think a kitchen or bath update with a contractor) to little ones (like making shelves). There’s nothing better than the satisfaction that comes with improving your home. Sure, it can be intimidating, but with every project you complete, you’ll feel more and more confident.

10. Expand. Are you feeling cramped? A higher-cost option might be to expand your existing space. Consider converting an unfinished attic or basement to get extra space at a fraction of what it costs to build an addition. For a more extensive project like this, think about using the equity in your home. Home equity loan rates tend to be lower than financing with a credit card. Explore your home equity options, or a cash-out refinance, to discover which option is best for you.

Bottom line, there may be ways to rekindle your love of your home with a few small (or not so small) changes. And, with a little planning, improvements could even pay off down the road. Curious about which improvements are proven to pay off? Read Home Improvements That Pay Off.

There’s a reason you initially fell in love with your home; maybe through the years, that spark has dimmed. But these easy improvements can make you feel inspired again in your home.

Tap into the money you’ve already invested in your home to cover life’s expenses.

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