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Product APR* as low as
Essential Mastercard® 10.99%
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  • $0 cash advance fee
  • $0 balance transfer fee
  • $0 foreign transaction fee

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Conditions of Offer: You must be a VACU member in good standing; not all members qualify for this offer. Which promotional APR for Balance Transfers that a qualified member receives, is based upon the member’s standard APR for balance transfers. Balances transferred from other lenders from 10/1/18 to 12/31/18 retain a promotional APR for eighteen months from the posting date. After that, the APR changes to the Balance Transfer APR then in effect, which is currently 10.99%-21.99% APR as of 12/1/2018. We will begin charging interest on balance transfers on the transaction date. VACU is not responsible for any charge owed to any creditor because a payment was not applied by a specific date. VACU reserves the right to decline any balance transfer request. Refer to VACU's Credit Card Disclosure Statement for Mastercard for more information.