What is Enhanced Authentication?

Enhanced Authentication is a security feature that uses multiple factors to authenticate our Online Banking site to our members and to validate members when they log on. When you enroll you will answer a few security questions and select an image and phrase. The security questions will be used when appropriate to verify your identity and maintain the security of your accounts. Seeing the correct image and phrase before you enter your password will help you ensure that you’re visiting VACU's Online Banking site and not a bogus one.

What happens if someone compromises my Online Banking User ID or password? How will Enhanced Authentication prevent them from accessing my credit union accounts with Online Banking?

If someone tries to log on to your Online Banking account, they will be challenged to answer your security questions. Since they will not be able to answer the questions correctly, they will not be able to log on.

Can I change the image or questions I selected when I enrolled for Enhanced Authentication?

Yes, you can change your image, phrase, or security questions at any time. Click the “Change Security Information” link in the Member Services tab.

I tried to log on to Online Banking from my own computer, but cannot see my image and phrase. Instead, I'm being asked to provide the answer to my security questions. Why is this happening?

This might happen if you deleted cookies from your browser, have updated your browser or are using a new browser.

I tried to log on and don’t see my image and phrase, what should I do?

Check first to make sure you entered your User ID correctly. If you didn’t, return to the vacu.org login area and re-enter your User ID correctly.