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Buying new clothes after baby

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A young woman with a mug in her hand reading a book in sweatpants.

No, I didn’t just get back from a run and you won’t catch me in the gym doing yoga. But you better believe if I’m not at work or out to a fancy dinner I will be rocking a t-shirt and leggings almost everywhere. I’m a new mom and was lucky enough to become one in the era of athleisure wear. I’ve legitimately broken a sweat putting my one-year-old in a car seat. Therefore, I wear yoga pants and I feel justified.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not just rolling out of bed (okay sometimes I am, because you know, newborn = no sleep) but if you haven’t noticed athleisure stores and athletic clothes departments have blown up in the last few years and darned if they don’ t make some cute clothes! They’re stylish enough to wear outside the gym and most important, they’re super comfy.

My advice to new moms buying new clothes is this: I didn’t know how my post baby body would be, so I held off on buying any new clothes throughout most my pregnancy and a few months after. I will tell you now, the majority of my clothing budget is now going to a new pair of running shoes and yoga pants. Because chasing a toddler warrants cross training gear and I want to be comfortable (but also cute) doing it.