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Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know

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A mechanic shaking a customer's hand.

I experienced this not long ago when backing out of my driveway. I accidentally scraped my fence and damaged the front mirror on the passenger’s side. Although it was not a lot of damage, I could no longer see out of the mirror and knew it needed to be replaced, and soon.

It just so happened that my friend and I were headed out of town to visit friends and I was planning to drive my car. Needless to say, we ended up taking her car.

Before we left, I called the dealership to get a price for the repair. I was surprised to hear that it would be $250+ for the part and $100+ for the labor; a total estimate of between $350 and $500. I couldn’t believe it: Almost $500 to simply have the mirror and the case replaced?!

This was getting ridiculous.

My friend responded, “Don’t worry, I have the hookup!” says a “hookup” is “an association, alliance or cooperative effort.”

My friend told me that once we returned from our trip she would take me to her mechanic. She assured me he would do the repairs at a much more reasonable price. That sounded good to me, so I asked her to please call and make the appointment. She told me I didn’t need an appointment. I would be with her, and since they were such good friends, he would gladly look at my car whenever we took it to the shop.

Sure enough, when we returned and took my car to the shop, he quickly assessed the damage. He recommended I purchase the mirror and case from the auto parts store down the street and said he would install it for less than half the cost of the dealer’s quote. After a quick trip to the auto parts store, he installed the mirror.

The total cost (parts and labor) was less than $200, a real savings compared to the dealer’s quote. My girlfriend responded “I told you that I had the hookup!”

She was so right. And I was so glad she “hooked me up” with her friendly mechanic!