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Have you found your money match?

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A woman smugly holding a piggy bank across the table from a sad looking man.

It’s often said that couples argue about money more than any other topic.

It seems that couples just can’t agree about money, except to say, “We don’t have enough of it.”

If you and your spouse or significant other are like most people, I’ll bet that each of you approaches money somewhat differently. No two people are alike, and attitudes about money can vary widely, even with people who are otherwise compatible.

Consider these questions:

  • Who is the saver in your family?
  • Who is the spender?
  • Do you each have your own income, or is income pooled and spent by both of you?
  • Who makes most of the purchasing decisions?
  • Do you discuss major purchases before making them?
  • What determines what constitutes a “major” purchase in your family?  Is it based on the amount of money it cost or on something else? If it is based on money, what’s the amount?
  • Have you set financial goals? Have you discussed them with your partner?

My wife and I have been married for more than 25 years. We each have a different approach when it comes to money, but I think we’ve done a good job of understanding our different personalities and working together to make good financial decisions (most of the time).

What would happen if you and your significant other each took the little quiz above? Would your answers agree? Would you find room for further conversation?

Money conversations can be helpful, particularly when you’re not in the midst of a crisis or disagreement.