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The scariest thing about Halloween can be how much we spend

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A young child in a princess costume holding candy.

Knock-Knock: trick or treat!! It’s the sound of children coming to the door to get candy on October 31st. This event kicks off the beginning of the holiday season upon us. For many, budgeting for the holidays is usually a focus on Thanksgiving and Christmas, Halloween expenses often get overlooked. But why is it so costly? If you’ve ever purchased candy, a costume or Halloween décor, you know that it can break the bank if you let it.

This side of the holiday known as Halloween isn’t so sweet. According to Forbes, Americans as a whole spent well over 2 billion dollars on Halloween last year alone on candy. JUST CANDY! Candy can end up causing cavities or go completely to waste thrown into the trash days later for lack of consumption.

But don’t worry there are a few things you can do to cut down on this cost and keep your festivities sweet.

  1. Make an outfit at home instead of purchasing one. Explore sites such as Pinterest for cute and creative ideas to dress up your children instead of one from the store. Also, it’s a great bonding time for both parent and child.

  2. Set a budget. Make sure that you know exactly what you want to spend on candy and stick to that number. To help save on the candy so that you have enough for the night cut on your light during peak time to make sure that you were able to get the most children.

  3. Find coupons. This will help as stores will have ads in order to sell candy. Check stores that sell in bulk such as Costco or Sam’s Club as well as checking on the regular aisle in the grocery store.

  4. Shop later. Forgo the fake spider webs and creepy décor this year and hit the after Halloween sales for next year. As with any holiday, you can find steep discounts on décor once the holiday has passed.

Following these simple tips of planning ahead can keep you from spending a scary amount of money this Halloween.