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Cutting the cord: I cut cable and never looked back.

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Two people sitting on a living room couch watching the television.

When my husband and I moved into our first home together back in 2014, I broke the news that I didn’t want to get cable in the new digs. I knew owning a home would come with extra added expenses (like a weekly trip to Lowe’s) so I was hesitant to sign another contract with a cable company. My husband was crushed. He couldn’t imagine life paying too much money for crappy TV that we scrolled through ultimately declaring “there’s nothing good on.”

I asked him to give it a shot. I said, “Let’s go three months without it. If you still think we need it, we’ll talk about it.” Not even two weeks in, he said the three words every wife loves to hear “I love you” “you were right.” We didn’t need it! And it turns out we made a great financial decision.

So how have we survived four years without cable?

We bought Amazon Fire Sticks on Black Friday at $19.00 each for our two TVs. We already had Amazon Prime so it enabled us to watch Prime Video, a major perk we were missing out on before. We also purchased a digital TV antenna where we can pick up a few local channels and most importantly, the local news. We were already paying for Netflix but when we cut the cord, we utilized it a lot more. And really, we just watch less TV which I’m sure has its added benefits beyond saving us a few hundred dollars a year.

Try it out to see how it goes. If my husband is any testament to it, living life with no cable is a lot easier than you may think.  It’s also a great time to check out free trials for streaming services. Many offer at the very least a week free to find out if you will actually use the service before making the subscription commitment. Either way, these streaming services are typically substantially cheaper than a monthly cable subscription.

So four years later, we still haven’t paid a cable bill. And mostly, we don’t really miss it. There are occasions when there is something (like an NFL game, Go Vikings!) we have to miss but nothing worth spending hundreds of dollars on. Overall, I’m perfectly content going without cable and wouldn’t go back to trying to fit that monthly subscription back into our budget.