Car Protection & Insurance

Various insurance and asset protection products are available to complement the loans and other services Virginia Credit Union offers. These products are provided to members through other independent companies for the benefit of Virginia Credit Union members.


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

GAP protects you against financial loss in the event your vehicle is damaged beyond repair (totaled) or stolen and never recovered by paying for the difference between the proceeds from your insurance settlement and the loan balance.

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Loan Payment Protection

To protect you from a financial burden, optional term life insurance and disability insurance for loans are available at a reasonable cost.

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Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)

This provides protection against the cost associated with most of your vehicle's mechanical breakdowns (beyond the normal terms and conditions of the manufacturer's standard warranty and after the warranty has expired).

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Vehicle Insurance

Protection for your auto, motorcycle, RV or boat is made available to Virginia Credit Union members by Virginia CU Insurance Services.

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