Keeping your physical and fiscal shape intact


Staying in good physical shape has many benefits including weight control, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, some forms of cancer, and Type 2 Diabetes. Other benefits include enhanced strength of bone and muscle and improved mental health and mood. Many people join health clubs to embark on the journey of good physical condition. While there are many benefits associated with a health club, it does come at a price. There have been several fitness centers that have reduced the cost of gym membership but the average price of a gym membership can be $40 to $50 per month. The good news is that many of the workout options that you can do at a health club can be done for free if you choose to be creative. Here are three alternatives to getting in good physical shape without impacting your fiscal shape.


Walk, stroll or jog

This is an easy one!  Just grab some sneakers and head out.  In addition to the cardiovascular benefits, taking in the fresh air and scenery can elevate your mood. Use your smart phone or computer to map out your route and even track the mileage. If you are just starting out plan a brisk walk. You may be surprised that in a short time you may be ready for your first 5K race!


Body weight workout

Using your own body weight as resistance when working out has grown in popularity. Some of the benefits include: workout efficiency, cardio and strength workouts can be combined, and you can burn fat fast. One of the best benefits is that the only thing you need is yourself! Types of workouts include pushups, squats, calf raises, triceps dip and many others. A quick online search can yield up to 50 bodyweight exercises. Best of all…it’s free!


Smart phone apps

Your smart phone can also be a great resource for workout routines. Simply entering “workout apps” in your favorite app store can result in several workout plans that can target strength, weight loss, cardio enhancement and more. Most do not have a cost associated with them.