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Board Elections

VACU Volunteer News

At the Annual Meeting on March 22, 2014, Virginia Credit Union members re-elected Roscoe C. Roberts, Robert P. Schultze and D.B. Smit, to four-year terms on the volunteer Board of Directors.

Roberts is Assistant Attorney General and University Counsel at Virginia State University. Schultze is Director of the Virginia Retirement System. Smit is Assistant Director of Business Services with the Virginia Housing Development Authority.

The Board of Directors elected officers for a one-year term. They are D.B. Smit, Chairman; Robert Morris, Vice Chairman; and Neila Gunter, Secretary/Treasurer.

The Board also appointed a new Associate Director, Rob Jones, to serve a one-year term, and reappointed Eric Tolbert to an additional one-year term. Jones is CEO and President of the Alliance Group and a partner of New South Strategic Partners. Tolbert is Chief Financial Officer of Hoover & Strong.