ATM Access

Bank at your convenience and get cash 24 hours a day at ATMs worldwide. Your credit union helps you save on ATM fees, too!

Virginia Credit Union ATMs

  • Withdraw cash
  • Make deposits at our image-enabled, envelope-free ATMs
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Check your account balances
  • Change your debit card PIN
  • ADA Voice Guidance Capable for the visually impaired

See a list of VACU branches and ATMs or use the Branch & ATM Locator.

ATM access anywhere

Savings on fees at other ATMs

Your credit union helps you save two ways on ATM fees for checking withdrawals when you need to get cash at non-VACU ATMs.

  • You get 4 checking withdrawals per month at non-VACU ATM free of network ATM fees from VACU. (Other ATM owners may have a fee, but learn about rebates below.)
  • You can also enjoy up to $8 per month in rebates for ATM fees assessed by other ATM owners if you have either a qualifying direct deposit or 15 debit card purchase transactions that month.* See our ATM FAQs for more details.

*A qualifying direct deposit is an electronic deposit of your salary, retirement or other regular monthly income totaling $100 or more, posted to the same checking account in the same calendar month in which the ATM fees were incurred. 

Debit card purchase transactions are those for which you use your debit card to pay for things from your checking account. They must be posted to the same checking account in the same calendar month in which the ATM fees were incurred.

More tips for avoiding ATM fees

  • Use fee-free ATMs at VACU and all Wawa and Sheetz stores in Virginia.
  • Get cash back at stores when you use your debit card and PIN for purchases.
  • Pay with your debit card to reduce the need for cash.
  • Avoid a lot of small withdrawals – get more cash per trip to an ATM.

Thank you for using fee-free VACU, Wawa and Sheetz ATMs or other cash alternatives when possible. You avoid ATM fees and you help your credit union control costs for the membership.

Please contact us if we can help you in any way.

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