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When your husband travels for work

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A man waving goodbye to his wife and child.

Balancing everyday life when your spouse travels for work can become overwhelming at times. You find yourself doing chores you’re not used to doing, being a full time parent all by yourself and sometimes you just simply want to vent to your spouse but they aren’t available due to their hectic schedule. On top of the everyday things, managing your budget can also be a struggle. It seems easiest to just pick up fast food on the way home after a long day of work, school and extra curricular activities but obviously that can add up on a weekly basis. I’ve gained a few budget friendly techniques and mindsets that have been quite beneficial for us. 

My husband has left for work and we’ve had to adjust our everyday routines (which normally are centered around our 8 year old daughter) with as short as 36 hours notice. When this occurs, my brain starts to race and I automatically transform into prep mode.

Meal prep. Grab and go breakfast options for weekdays are a must to minimize stress in the mornings. When it comes to dinner, I try to cook on Sundays and prep options to last us at least 2-3 days. On busy evenings, we eat ‘quick’ meals like chicken strips and sweet potato fries. Sometimes we throw in a breakfast night, which is always a hit with the kiddo (we love anything with a theme). My husband isn’t a big breakfast person but this works perfectly when it’s just us gals in the house. We always have pancake mix and eggs in the house, so I utilize what’s already in my kitchen without having to spend any extra money.

Use your village. I’ve also learned that utilizing your resources, not stressing the small things and leaning on your support system is key. I’m one that does not like asking for help. However, I’m learning that allowing family and friends to pitch in every now and then is OK. For example, building relationships with our neighbors has been a huge blessing to our family. One of my neighbors is a stay at home mom. Her son attends the same school as our daughter and she volunteered to get our daughter off the bus when my husband is away for work. What a huge relief this was! One less thing I had to figure out and my daughter loves hanging out next door.  Not to mention the costs of afterschool care can be through the roof!

Be Mrs. Fix it. Lastly, for my supermoms…Google and YouTube can be extremely helpful when there’s something that needs fixing. It’s not always in our budget to call a repair man and when my husband’s away there are many times when the internet is my savior.   

Though we hate when my husband has to leave us, we’ve figured out a system and we get through it. Each time it gets a little easier and I feel as if we can take on the world.