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Confession: "I'm a product hoarder."

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A woman looking at a bottle in store.

Does anyone else have 1.5 million bottles of half used products under every sink in their house? I’m talking about shampoos, lotions, perfume and cleaning supplies.

If you can name a product, I can probably find a bottle of it hidden away in the house. Most likely, it will be covered with dust from sitting in the back of the cabinet.

I consider my mom to be a product hoarder, and I’m trying my best not to pick up those tendencies, but I’m guilty of it too. I’m always searching for the next best thing -- one that says it will lift more, anti-frizz this and sculpt that. But honestly, 9 times out of 10 I’m disappointed by the promises on the label.

So I have made it my mission to clear out underneath each sink in my home and use up the products I have before spending another dime in the shampoo aisle.

It all started when I ran out of lotion. I had a bottle of body lotion in my Amazon Prime cart ready to hit purchase when I remembered a half bottle of baby lotion in the hall bathroom. My kids have super sensitive skin, so I had to make a change mid-way through the bottle. But the lotion works fine on mine and I love the smell. (So if you get a whiff of baby fragrance, it’s probably me.)

When I opened the cabinet I also found a bottle of mousse I once couldn’t live without, some nice hand soaps I had received as a Christmas gift, and a bottle of perfume I grew tired of which smelled lovely after not wearing it for some time. These were all perfectly good, usable products that were just collecting dust.

I decided from that point on that it was time to declutter my cabinets and use what I have. 

If you’re ever in a pinch and trying to save money, stop and see if there’s something you can use that you already own. I feel better now that I can see the bottom of my cabinets, and I’ve saved a ton of money resisting the urge to buy the next best thing.

Sure there are some staple products I can’t live without, but most of the items I have work just fine. It’s time to use up what I have and keep my money in my purse…along with the eight tubes of Chapstick I found there.