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How we can make banking easier

Our members are the focus of our credit union. Whether you're figuring out your finances and budgets, getting a loan or mortgage, or just checking your balances, we're proud to help. Here's how we're trying to make your banking easier.

If you’re worried about whether you can make a payment this month or next month, we have programs ready to assist you.


Loan, home equity, and credit card extensions

To apply for an extension, log into online banking from your desktop browser and go to the “View Accounts” section of your profile. Look in the lower right-hand corner of your screen and click "Need help with a loan, equity, or credit card payment?" and then fill out the resulting form.

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Mortgage assistance

If you’re worried about making your mortgage payment, let us know. Don't wait: fill out the forms to request a forbearance and/or payment assistance.

Mortgage assistance options

Products that can help

If you need funds, we’ve got products that can help. Our personal loans and credit cards have low rates and flexible payment options.

Small businesses, and what VACU can do to help

In these times, we’re more sensitive than ever to what our small business partners are going through. If you’ve got a business loan through Virginia Credit Union and you need support and guidance, please contact your Relationship Manager. We’ll do whatever we can to help you through this period.

If you’re looking for a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan or program, we’re not equipped to offer them, but we can help point you in the right direction:

How to ease the damage of a late credit card payment

  • Contact your creditor early: if you know you’re going to have trouble making a payment on time, get in touch well before the payment’s due. You might be able to work out a different sort of payment. If we’re your creditor, you can reach us here
  • Ask your creditor to add a code to your credit report indicating that you were “affected by a natural or declared disaster.” FICO® won’t consider the code when making its assessment, but VantageScore® will disregard late payments with that code.
  • Remember, you’re responsible for asking your creditor for any kind of hardship plan. You may have to wait through longer-than-normal delays, but you could also save yourself from damage to your credit score. If you’re concerned about your credit score, the credit bureaus are offering free weekly credit reports to all consumers.

    Request a free credit report