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Welcome to VACU!

We’re excited to have you join the Virginia Credit Union family.

We’re thrilled to have you as our newest member. We hope you’ll appreciate the wide array of products, technology, and friendly services that we provide. Based in Chesterfield County, Virginia Credit Union is local, member-owned, and committed to helping you achieve success. We’re here to help you, and we thank you for your membership and support.

We’re here to make this transition as easy as possible for you. With that in mind, we’ve already answered some questions you may have. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, submit your question below.

Frequently asked questions to assist CFCU members

Account Transition

Business Services

Credit Cards

Loans & Lines of Credit

Checking & Savings

Online Banking & Bill Pay

Account Transition FAQs

Why is CFCU merging with VACU?

Not only do we share a similar mission, but the CFCU board determined that VACU would have the resources necessary to invest in and expand on their member services in the face of growing costs.

When will the merger occur and how will it affect my membership in the credit union?

On June 1, CFCU members will become VACU members with access to all VACU services and branches.

Do I have to do anything to transfer my accounts to VACU?

No, your accounts will transfer automatically.

Where can I find my member number or account number?

Please refer to your merger packet mailed to you in late May.

What if I’m already a VACU member?

You’ll continue to use your existing VACU member number. We’ll add your CFCU accounts under your current membership; you’ll see them when you log into online banking beginning June 1.

What will happen to the existing CFCU branches?

The Midlothian and Courthouse branches will remain open and transition to VACU on June 1. The Brandermill branch will close permanently on May 29. If that’s your branch, don’t worry—we’ve got a couple of branches nearby that’ll be available to you starting June 1. You can see all our locations here.

How can I confirm that all my accounts and balances have been transferred to VACU?

Beginning June 1, you can sign up for online banking and view your accounts there. To confirm your accounts, you can also call Member Services at (804) 323-6800 or visit a branch.

Enroll in online banking

What about direct deposit for my paychecks?

Initially, we’ll automatically transfer your direct deposit, but you’ll need to supply all payers making direct deposits into your account—such as your employer, the Social Security Administration, or the I.R.S.—with your new VACU account and routing number by August 1. We’ve enclosed a generic direct deposit form in this packet for you to fill out and give to your employer or other payer. 

Direct deposit form

What is a Member Share?

At VACU you will have a $5 member share (your minimum deposit for membership) that will be separate from a savings account. This $5 membership deposit is your money and represents your one share in the ownership of Virginia Credit Union. The member share account is not a transactional account. The $5 will move from your CFCU prime share account into your VACU member share and the remaining balance will transition to your VACU savings account.

Business Services FAQs

What happens if I don’t return my business applications and required documents by May 20?

You will not receive your business debit card or checks for the account if you don’t submit your application and documents to VACU by that date. 

Why do I need to fill out a business application to transition my account to VACU?

Federal regulation requires all federally-insured financial institutions to collect beneficial ownership information whenever someone opens a new business account. For more information on required documents or to fill out the application online, visit Please note—you must print, sign, and return the application.

Credit Card FAQs

Will my CFCU credit card still work? Will I receive a new credit card from VACU?

Please continue using your CFCU credit card until you receive and activate your new VACU credit card. Your CFCU credit card will work until June 25, 2020 or until you activate your VACU card. Please keep an eye on the mail for more detailed information about your new VACU credit card.

What changes should I expect for my CFCU credit card?

Your CFCU credit card will work until June 25, 2020 or until you activate your VACU card.

Any outstanding balance posted on or before May 26, 2020 will be charged at your current CFCU APR and the balance protected until paid in full. Any transaction posted to your new VACU Mastercard by December 31, 2020 will be charged at your welcome rate. Transactions posted on or after January 1, 2021 will be charged at your new purchase rate.

What will happen to my CFCU credit card rewards?

Your CFCU rewards expired on May 25, 2020. 

What should I do when I receive my new VACU credit card?

Your new credit card will arrive in mid-June. When you receive it, activate the card by calling the number on the attached sticker (800-527-7728) immediately upon receipt.

You’ll also get a new Personal Identification Number (PIN) in a separate mailing shortly after you receive your new card. Please keep your PIN in a secure place, as it cannot be changed.

If you’ve set up automatic bill payments with your CFCU credit card, be sure to update the service providers with your new VACU card number.

Payments for your new card are due on the 23rd of each month. You can use the same payment address for your new VACU card.

Loans & Lines of Credit FAQs

What happens to my CFCU Safety Net product on my loan?

CFCU Safety Net will terminate on May 31, 2020. Claims for any protected events that occur on or before that date will be processed under your current CFCU Safety Net contract. You may be eligible for MEMBER’S CHOICE Credit Life and Credit Disability Insurance. Open enrollment is available June 1, 2020 through July 31. 2020. If you’re interested in protecting your loan please call 804-323-6800 and press # when prompted to apply for coverage.

Will any terms of my loans change?

All CFCU loans will transition to a VACU loan with the same payment amount, due date, and terms. Your loan numbers will also remain the same. If you have automatic payments set up at CFCU, your automatic payment will transition as well.

How do I make a loan payment?

We have a variety of ways to make payments on your loans and lines of credit.

Make a loan payment

What should I know about my line of credit?

All line of credit payments will change to a monthly payment, due on the 28th of each month. Your first VACU payment amount can be found on your month end CFCU statement for May.

Make a loan payment

Checking & Savings FAQs

What happens to my CFCU club accounts?

All CFCU club accounts will transition to a VACU Regular Savings account. You can automate your savings to these accounts by setting up an automatic transfer within online banking under the Transfer Funds tab. For details about VACU savings accounts see the enclosed Savings Accounts sheet.

Will I receive VACU checks for my checking account?

If you’ve used CFCU checks within the last year, you’ve automatically received a free box of checks. Please destroy your CFCU checks.

When I will I receive my VACU debit card, and when can I start using it?

We sent you your VACU debit card at the end of May, but it won’t function until Monday, June 1. Please begin using your new card at that time.

When will my CFCU debit card stop working?

On June 1, your CFCU debit card will no longer work. You’ll need to update any recurring payments connected with your CFCU checking account—including utility bills or subscriptions—with your new VACU account information. We strongly recommend you make these updates on June 1 to avoid any interruption.

Will my CFCU debit card still work? Will my debit card number change?

Continue using your existing debit card until June 1. You’ll receive your VACU card with a new card number near the end of May, but you won’t be able to use your new VACU card until June 1.

Online Banking & Bill Pay FAQs

Where do I enroll in online banking and set up bill pay?

We’ve created step by step instructions about how to set up online banking and bill pay. We also have a video to help you set up your bill pay. We strongly encourage those who have bill payments or recurring online transfer to enroll in VACU’s online banking ON June 1 to setup those to avoid missing any payments. 

Enroll in online banking 

Where can I find information of my previous CFCU Bill Payments, recurring transfer and payee information?

Once you’ve enrolled in online banking, go to the eNotices tab and use the convenient one-click enrollment to sign up. There we’ve provided you with your previously scheduled bill payments and online transfers at CFCU along with a list of your payees. Use the information from your previous CFCU online transfers, bill payments, and list of payees to set them up with VACU.