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Statement Rewards

Virginia Credit Union has introduced a new benefit that presents you with money-saving opportunities at various merchants. You can view these offers within Online Banking on the checking Account Activity page. To make this benefit available to members, VACU has partnered with Truaxis, Inc. and our online banking service provider.

Statement Rewards

How do Statement Rewards work?

Debit card purchase and checking activity is matched to offers from merchants in categories that are relevant to you. The transaction activity used to provide these offers is anonymous and does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Statement Rewards come in several forms

  • Coupons are discounts that take effect when you complete a purchase with a merchant.
  • Electronic gift cards are pre-paid in nature. You purchase one at a discounted price to be redeemed at a later date.
  • Cash Back incentives are where you spend a specific amount using your VACU debit card and receive a cash back credit.
  • Future rewards, including cash back, are rewards that you will be eligible for once you meet a benchmark, such as spending a specific amount or visiting a merchant a set number of times.

View your Statement Rewards two ways

  • A headline appears under a relevant transaction on your checking Account Activity page in Online Banking when a reward becomes available. Click the headline to learn about the reward.
  • Click the Statement Rewards image on your Account Activity pages to access the rewards dashboard. The dashboard shows all rewards available to you, including rewards you've purchased. It also includes all the information that is needed to redeem offers.

Personalize your rewards

Every reward allows you to give feedback by clicking "Like" (thumb up) or "Dislike" (thumb down). Providing feedback in this manner will allow the program to further refine the rewards selected for you in the future.

Get started today

Statement Rewards is integrated with Online Banking, so no enrollment is required. To learn more, click on the Statement Rewards image on the Account Activity pages in Online Banking. Then, inside the rewards dashboard under the Help section, you can also find useful information such as General Questions, Terms and Privacy Policy.

How to opt out

If you wish, you may opt out of Statement Rewards from the Settings page of the rewards dashboard. The Statement Rewards image will continue to display so you may use the dashboard if you decide to opt in again in the future. If you need further assistance, please contact Member Services.