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What to Expect

In February and March 2014, cardholders will be sent a new MasterCard credit card in the mail, and a new PIN in a separate mailing.

If you currently have a
You will receive a
Visa Platinum or MasterCard
Visa Gold Rebate
Cash Rewards MasterCard
Visa Business
BusinessCard MasterCard

When you receive your new credit card

Please take the following actions once you receive your new MasterCard

  • Activate your new MasterCard by calling (800) 527-7728
  • Sign the back of the new card and start using it
  • Securely destroy your old VACU credit card
  • Keep your new PIN to use when traveling and for cash advances

Please note: Your old VACU credit card will no longer function 14 days after you receive your new MasterCard.

Important information about your new card

  • Your MasterCard credit card still has no annual fee
  • Your spending limits and interest rates will not change
  • Gold Rebate cardholders will keep the same rewards benefits as before
  • Your credit card number will change
  • You will receive a new PIN number in a separate mailing

If you have recurring merchant payments linked to your old VACU credit card, you will need to contact these merchants and provide your new credit card information. This can be easily done through the merchant’s website or customer service number.

Remember to change your credit card payment address in online Bill Pay too.