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Call Forwarding Scams

In this type of phishing scheme, the scammer asks a financial institution's members/customers, via e-mail, to verify their phone number immediately with the financial institution. If they do not confirm their phone number, their account will be suspended.

The email instructions tell the victim:

  • Go to your phone and dial *72
  • Dial 707-531-4910 (reported to be XYZ Financial Institution's secure line)
  • Then the victim hears the message: "Your phone is confirmed. You will receive a call from us in one hour for final verification. If you have confirmed your phone, you can continue the update process."

By dialing these numbers, victims actually forward their calls to the thief's redirect number. This will go on until the victims notice they aren't getting any calls.

Victims may also get a call from the phisher or answering machine posing as their financial institution to ask about any transaction in that period. After they confirm the phone number, the caller asks them to update their personal information, including Social Security, bank account and credit card numbers.

Do not respond to such requests by e-mail or phone.

If you believe you have given personal information to an illegitimate source, you should contact the three credit reporting agencies immediately and monitor your credit files and account statements closely.

Please contact us if you have questions about this scam.