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BalanceTrack offers online learning courses that guide you through the essential elements of personal finance. Each course includes a quiz at the end to help you evaluate your knowledge of the presented information.

Online Money Management Education
Money Management You can save money and reach your financial goals. All it takes is a money management plan.
Online Credit Report Education
The World of Credit Reports With an understanding of credit reports, you can take the steps needed to maintain a positive credit standing.
Credit Matters
Credit Matters Using your credit wisely will help you achieve your goals while avoiding financial pitfalls.
Online Checking Account Education
Checking Account Management Tools and information to help you learn how to best manage your checking account.
Road to Home Ownership
Road to Home Ownership An understanding of the home buying process puts the American dream of home ownership within your reach.
Online Using Home Equity Education
Using Home Equity This course can help you make an informed choice about how to use the equity in your home.
Online Vehicle and Financing Education
Drive Away Happy Be better prepared to make educated decisions on your vehicle purchase and financing.
Online Identity Theft Education
Identity Theft Learn how to protect yourself from identity theft and how to recover if you are ever victimized.
10 Steps to Financial Success
10 Steps to Financial Success This course covers the core concepts necessary to develop and maintain personal financial control.
Psychology of Spending
The Psychology of Spending Learn to recognize your tendencies and attitudes in order to change bad financial habits into productive ones.
Online High Cost Financial Services Education
High Cost Financial Services Learn how to identify high-cost financial services and the steps to qualify for credit alternatives.
Online Student Loan Repayment Education
Basics of Investing This program covers the fundamental aspects of investing, such as investment considerations, types of investments and managing risk.
Online Student Loan Repayment Education
Financial Planning Dedicating time to financial planning now can help you protect current assets and increase your future wealth.
Online Tax Planning Education
Smart Tax Planning Get thinking about and engaging in methods to lower your tax burden throughout the year so you can get a bigger refund.
Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis
Rebuilding After a Financial Crisis Learn strategies for budgeting, repaying debt, rebuilding credit, establishing emergency savings, and replenishing retirement savings.
Financial First Aid
Financial First Aid Tools and information for handling a financial crisis and getting back on your feet.
Online Teens and Money Education
Teens and Money For teens. Learn about how to become financially independent and make money-smart decisions.
Online Finances for College Students Education
Finances for College Students Learn to make the most of your money today while preparing for tomorrow.
Online Student Loan Repayment Education
Repaying Student Loans Learn about student loans and options that can make it easier to repay them.