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Online Loan Signing FAQs

What is DocuSign?

DocuSign is web-based software that allows signers to provide a legally binding electronic signature for contract documents. DocuSign simplifies the signature process, saves paper, and cuts the time until disbursement.

Is there any cost to use DocuSign?

No, there is no charge to use DocuSign for your VACU loan documents.

For what loans can I use DocuSign?

Online document signing is available for all loans except mortgage, home equity and car loans initiated at a car dealership (CUDL).

Do I have to have a DocuSign account?

No, you do not have to have a DocuSign account to use this service.

Do you still offer paper loan documents?

Yes, we continue to allow members to sign and return loan documents in paper form at our branches, by fax, by email or through postal mail.

What device can I use to sign my documents online?

You can electronically sign your documents using any computer, tablet or a smart phone with an internet connection. Adobe Acrobat® may be required to view and print PDF files.

What happens if I’m having a problem with the electronic signature process?

There is technical support available online. You may also call your loan processor with questions.

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