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L&R of Chesterfield Expands to Second Group Home

A caring home setting for adults with disabilities

Lisa Nashette

Lisa Nashette of L&R of Chesterfield in the kitchen of the new Lewis Road location of the company. Behind her, daughter and house supervisor, Megan Colyer chats with one of the residents.

It was scary, but Lisa Nashette decided to take the plunge.

Lisa opened L&R of Chesterfield as a residential provider for individuals with developmental disabilities. She opened the first of two group homes in Chesterfield County in October 2015.

In August 2016, L&R purchased its second facility with the help of Virginia Credit Union Business Services.

The 2,200 square foot home is on Lewis Road in Chesterfield County. The attractive ranch-style home is on a large lot and features four immaculate bedrooms, an office for staff, and a large kitchen, deck, and laundry room for the adults who live there. L&R provides 24/7 onsite staff to ensure the resident’s comfort, safety, and social needs are met.

The market for for-profit providers is growing as the number of public facilities shrinks. L&R provides peace of mind for families and enables residents to gain skills for independent living. L&R currently has seven residents between its two locations and a staff of 12.

During the day, most of the residents participate in school, work, job training programs or other activities in the community. In the evening, they meet together for meals and activities. A posted menu features the week’s meals, and a rotating list of house chores helps each resident gain a sense of self-worth and independence.

The Nashettes are longstanding members of VACU. When the opportunity to expand L&R to a second location came along, VACU Business Services helped to make it happen.

“L&R provides such an important, meaningful service, and I am so glad we could help them grow,” said Jennifer Cubitt, the senior business services relationship manager at VACU. Jennifer worked with Lisa to finance L&R’s second residential home with a commercial mortgage.

“It’s going great,” said Lisa. “When we started, it felt like such a huge leap. There are a lot of unknowns in this type of business. You can secure all of the necessary licenses, but you still need to make a name for yourself. Our staff members are one in a million and that is one of the reasons that we have had the success we have had in such a short period of time. At the end of the day, I’m most proud that families and caseworkers know they can depend on us. They’ve come to understand the value that we offer as a hands-on, caring, small provider.”

Prior to starting the business, Lisa was a nurse working at a private school for students with physical and developmental disabilities. It was perfect training.

The business is a family affair for the Nashettes. Lisa’s daughter Megan, a 2014 graduate of VCU, works as a house supervisor. Lisa’s husband and son are involved as well, and all of them often share holiday meals with any residents who are without family or other plans.

The residents are well known to parishioners at the nearby Iron Bridge Baptist Church. In addition, the residents find enrichment in group activities like Special Olympics basketball, bowling, and frequent outings. In recent weeks, residents enjoyed the Chester Christmas parade and witnessed a fleet of lighted, decorated boats cruising down the James.

Lisa Nashette