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VACU Partners with Funding the Future to Rock Area Schools

VACU Partners with Funding the Future to Rock Area Schools(Richmond, Virginia – June 27, 2017) – Virginia Credit Union sponsored rock concerts at Hermitage and New Kent County High Schools as a springboard to conversation about finances.  

VACU supported the non-profit organization, “Funding the Future,” which brings the GOODING band for rock concerts at high schools. The group, called the “coolest financial adviser in America” by The Wall Street Journal, uses the power of music to create an opening for after-concert discussions about saving, borrowing, wise use of credit, and financial planning.

“As a leading provider of Financial Education in Virginia, we are always looking for new ways to get students excited about their finances,” said VACU’s financial education director, Cherry Dale. “GOODING does a great job of getting kids interested in savings, which is key to building financially healthy habits.”

The concerts were held in late May at the two schools. Approximately 450 students attended the concerts and presentations. Through a concert, multimedia presentation and talkback, band members discussed predatory lending, the dangers of credit card debt and the importance of saving early in life, while challenging the myth of rock stars, athletes and actors who sell a false image of overnight success.

Funding the Future is a tax exempt organization which promotes the band throughout the United States. 

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